Jammin' at the General

What is it?

During the summer months, Friday evening jam sessions are held in front of the Trabuco Canyon General Store, bringing musicians and listeners together for fun.


General Store circa 1934

We play all styles of music and have players of varying abilities. All are welcome to play, sing, or just hang out.

May, 2007

How did it start?

Anyone that's attended Friday nights at the General is familiar with the closing phrase "I'd like to dedicate this evening to Grandpa Wayne Rutherford, the finest man I've ever known," before we all sing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

wayneGrandpa Wayne Rutherford

Don and Sheila Segien first got the idea for Jammin' at the General after visiting Grandpa Wayne and his wife, Ruth, in Grass Valley, CA where Wayne and Ruth hosted "Pickin' Under the Apple Tree" at a family-run general store on Highway 49.

Grass Valley 2005
Grass Valley 2005

The first night at the store was a Thursday in 2003. Don's friend, George Alexander, from the San Fernando Valley came up and we sat out front an played guitar. It started raining so Steve, the store owner, invited us inside. After a while a guy named Eugene came in. He watched for a minute then said "I like to sing." He joined in and we had a great time.

I kept it up every Thursday night. Soon a couple neighborhood pickers, Stuart Stephens, and Jesse Peron were attending regularly.

2003. Eugene on the far right.

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. After a while it began to grow a little which brought out the Orange County Register.

news article
Orange County Register - Canyon Life, July, 2003. Click for a larger image.

Once we were in the paper, players and visitors started coming in from other parts of Orange County.


Enjoying a summer evening with friends


Craig R., Barney B., and John W.

What Next?

That's hard to say. We just keep going. Come on out and have some fun.

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