Here are links to local businesses and organizations.

Trabuco Canyon Community Church

Known to many as "The Little Church on the Hill," TCCC is known to canyonites simply as "the church." Canyon resident, Robert Jacobsen is the pastor.

Saddleback Canyon Riders - ETI Corral 357

Who are the Saddleback Canyon Riders?

The Saddleback Canyon Riders are ETI Corral 357. Established in 1991, we are one of the largest ETI corrals in California with members from South Orange County and points beyond. We are a family-friendly equestrian group based in Trabuco Canyon at the foot of the majestic Saddleback Mountains. Our Corral is committed to supporting and helping maintain O’Neill Regional Park and other local riding trails.

What is ETI?

Equestrian Trails, Incorporated is a family oriented riding club established as a nonprofit corporation in 1944 with the Charter to be "Dedicated to the Acquisition and Preservation of Trails, Good Horsemanship, and Equine Legislation."

With its combined membership, ETI has successfully worked to keep our trails open and add more equestrian facilities. The more members we have backing equine legislation and trail preservation, the more likely the State, County and City Officials will be to comply with our needs.

Rancho Canyon Music

Since 1995, Rancho Canyon Music has been serving the Trabuco Canyon Area.